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مُساهمةموضوع: introduction about wa   السبت يوليو 18, 2009 2:18 am

Real filings
Why you are always far from me I cant control your remount with any solution there is no one who can resolute your mind but even all this I love u and please listen to this important words about me

When I see your eyes I fell that am in the ocean in a great ship and when I listen to your voice I fell that am in the gangly of birds
When I listen to my favorite words you say I fill that there is no more interesting things in my life even
to stay with you all my life cause when I leave you I was sad like a fish who leave the sea
And when I was far from you I was like summer without sun
I think that my heart from you
but now I want to know what is your
Felling about me do u love me like I love you do u rim my face do u record my voice in your mind but
I scar that I will live without you in the memory of you song and spirants your licks please don’t leave me you are my life my eyes my soul my hose my hot in clod my sun in ran my rescue in my danger I can lose all thinks even you
Now after all these things I have to decide to forget you with all your pain and ilk cause you r always thinking about your self please let my heart aching cause this is his only way to say I love you yes i love you very much and I hope that you are with me now how how can you live without my smile my seen I cant forget you I can only forgive you but if there is no acceptable reason of this pain I will change it with an other thing that you will never believe it

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introduction about wa
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